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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Who attacked us, again?

I hope you are all doing well. Today the topic is figuring out who our real enemy is. We must have a real enemy, but is it Eurasia or Oceania? I know we were goin' ta git Bin Laden, Dead or Alive. I know North Korea is a bigger threat to us, but for some reason the Two Minute Hate is still directed to Mr. Hussein.

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Who attacked us? Apparently it was Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and the one-eyed muslim cleric and their followers. A large number (15 out of 19?) of the highjackers were from Saudi Arabia, where the vast majority of terrorism funding arises. Most of the rest were from Egypt. None were from Iraq. No link has yet been produced which in any way ties Iraq to September 11, except in Bush's fevered imagination. (You've probably read that on the day of the attacks, Rumsfeld made a note to himself about OBL (Osama), and then wrote next to it "attack SH?" Because of their need to attack Iraq, the administration has been doing a PR blitz to tie 9/11 to Saddam Hussein, and their fear-mongering has apparently worked. Check out this poll question result:

"As far as you know, how many of the September 11th terrorist hijackers were Iraqi citizens: most of them, some of them, just one, or none?"

  • Most of them - 21%
  • Some of them - 23%
  • Just one - 6%
  • None - 17%
  • Don't know - 33%

(None is the right answer). So that shows you how successful this administration has been in misleading us.

An article on this and some other results of this poll.

"Iraq is the wrong target" talks about why Hussein != Bin Laden.

"Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda Are Not Allies" is another good one for clearing up this confusion.

Finally, it is mentioned by James LeCarre in an article entitled "The United States of America has gone mad". LeCarre is of course an author of spy novels, but if you've read his novels, especially his later ones, you know that he has done as much as anyone to show what a depressing, boring, inhumane, unglamorous activity intelligence gathering is. It is with this same dose of reality that he tries to understand the goals and politics behind Bushco and Blair. It's really sad to read this article and its title. To think of the good relations around the globe we have squandered - what a mess.

Humor Watch

Another pearl from The Onion: Bush on North Korea: "We Must Invade Iraq"

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