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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Human Rights, Anyone?

It is really unbelievable. America has fallen from being the bastion of freedom and equality to a nadir of being rebuked by the United Nations for failing to protect basic human rights.

John Pace, human rights chief at the United Nations, stated that due to the attacks on Saddam's lawyers and due to flaws in the Iraqi justice system, Saddam's trial will not satisfy international standards. This has been precisely my fear since Saddam was captured. Rather than try Saddam fairly, we apparently felt the need to "stack the deck" against him.

Remember that the lead judge has already taken it upon himself to comment on the trial and on Saddam, granting an interview several months ago, where he stated that Saddam wasn't holding up well and that he was depressed about his situation. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would a fair judge stoop to such unethical behavior.

I'm sure that much of this desire to have an unfair trial comes from the fear of people in the Bush Administration that Saddam will implicate them or their daddies during his testimony. The problem is that if the trial isn't completely fair and "by-the-book", the Sunnis will have even more reasons to hate the new Iraqi government. If the new government proves that it is unable to give fair trials to your ethnic group, what amount of trust would you put in your government? Answer: none.

In addition to this issue, now that the Iraqis have learned how to abuse prisoners (they learned from the best -- we taught them), the UN is concerned that the Iraqis may be hiding other prison facilities where they detain and torture Sunnis just like the prison facility just discovered a few weeks ago.

The UN has also stated that the 14,000 Iraqi prisoners being held by the US are also being held illegally. Imagine the day when the US decides to hold 14,000 prisoners illegally! Who would have ever thought that we would see the day!

Furthermore, there is increasing certainty that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund secret prisons in overseas countries (in addition to the virtual proof that even the Whitehouse Spokesliars won't even deny it).

To address this issue, Coni Rice is taking the high road, telling allies to "back off" the issue and that foreign governments should also take the high road and "win over" their publics and deflect criticism of the US.

Nice one, Condi.

You know, I have to say that this administration is by far the most corrupt, most "ethically challenged," most dishonest administration that I have seen in my lifetime. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

-John Locke


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