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Sunday, January 08, 2006

THIS is why I love Dean

Via CanOFun via Atrios, comes this video of Dean finally getting a chance to say what needs to be said: the Abramoff scandal implicates the GOP, not the Democrats. Abramoff himself never gave a dime to any Democrats, and though various Democrats are wussily busy "giving back" supposedly tainted money this week (one of my own Senators gave more than he needed to to some charity), I CAN'T believe the Democrats are this stupid.

For every Democrat that gives money back, it's like admitting they did something wrong. Most of them only took money from Abramoff's clients. It works like this: an Indian tribe hires Abramoff to lobby for them, gives him a bunch of money, and also gives money to GOP and Democratic Congresscritters. Abramoff screws the tribes, plays them off against each other, rips them off, chuckles to his associates about how he is ripping off the "troglodytes", and finally gets caught.

Democrats took money from Abramoff's VICTIMS, not Abramoff's MACHINE. And the Democrats (apart from Dean) seem to be rushing to act guilty about it. How could career politicians be so stupid about politics?

Anyway, watch the video. Dean finally gets a chance to tell the truth on TV (after weeks of all the talking heads going on about how "this is a Democratic scandal too!") and leaves Wolf Blitzer, who never met a GOP talking point that wasn't falling repeatedly from his presstitute lips, frustrated and mumbling "hamanahamanahamana".


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