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Saturday, January 28, 2006

What is Wrong with the Republican Party?

What The Hell Is Wrong With Republicans?

Yesterday, the state legislature of Washington passed a bill that closed a loophole that allowed discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing and employment. The civil rights bill passed the Senate with a razor-thin 25-23 vote. The turning point came earlier this month when Sen. Bill Finkbeiner, a Republican, joined the Democrats.

“What the debate is about is whether it's OK to be gay or lesbian in the state,” Finkbeiner told his colleagues. “People don't choose this. People don't choose who they love. The heart chooses.” He was the only Republican to support the measure.

HE WAS THE ONLY REPUBLICAN TO SUPPORT THE MEASURE! First of all, Mr. Finkbeiner should be praised for having the courage to stand up and do what he thinks is right, even though the rest of his Republican colleagues were against him.

Second, the natural question that follows is: “What the hell is wrong with Republicans???” How can they be so hateful and bigoted? What is so wrong with protecting a minority in our society that only 1 of 24 Republicans (in a fairly liberal state) would to vote to protect them?

SHAME ON REPUBLICANS!!! Shame on Senators Benson, Benton, Brandland, Carrell, Deccio, Delvin, Esser, Hewitt, Honeyford, Johnson, Morton, Mulliken, Oke, Parlette, Pflug, Roach, Schmidt, Schoesler, Sheldon, Stevens, Swecker, and Zarelli for voting against the bill. Shame on Senator McCaslin for not voting.

Shame, too, on Senator Hargrove, the single Democrat who couldn’t muster up enough courage to vote for the bill.

But I have to ask: What is wrong with the Republican Party? Why do they hate people who are slightly different? Are they like the Grinch, with hearts “two sizes too small”?

I cannot believe that these people don’t know anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Indeed, some of their own colleagues are gay! So why do they hate? Alternatively, why are they so craven that they cannot stand up for what is clearly right?

Or, perhaps religion is to blame? Is the Christian religion so foul and corrupt that it is okay to HATE your neighbor? I don’t remember reading or hearing that Jesus Christ ever told people to condemn or hate gay people; in fact, I don’t think Jesus ever discussed homosexuality at all, except to tell people to LOVE thy neighbor!

So, what the hell is wrong with Republicans? Please, someone answer me.

-John Locke


Blogger Regality said...

A question that would be easier to answer might be, "What ISN'T wrong with the Republican Party?"

1/28/2006 11:10 AM  
Blogger John Locke said...

Nice one! Thanks for the comment!

-John Locke

2/06/2006 11:22 AM  

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