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Friday, April 07, 2006

A light-hearted romp with DHS agents

Here's a nice little story about a run-in with DHS agents. The quick version is a teacher asked a couple of people in a car to please move because they were in the way of school buses. The thugs proceeded to handcuff him and just generally act like power-abusing a-holes. Couple this with all of the stories about sexual abusers working for the Department of Homeland Security and it is pretty clear that DHS has been filled with power-tripping thugs, happy to get in on the criminal enterprise that is Bushco.

However, Tuesday afternoon Pickett's niceness turned to anger, disappointment, and betrayal when, as Pickett was directing bus traffic, he said he was handcuffed and roughed up and humiliated by the very people that were supposed to protect him.

"I walked up to him and said, 'Sir, you need to move.' That's when he said 'I'm a police officer. I'm with Homeland Security ... I'll move it when I want to.' That's when he started grabbing me on my arm," Pickett said.

The department also said it's looking into what happened, and that Pickett's version is wrong. It claims he was antagonizing the officers.

Several people were outside of the school, watching the incident take place, and those witnesses agree with Pickett's story.

"At that point I intervened and I went up to the gentleman and said, 'Mr. Pickett is an employee here,' and they said that didn't matter," said Englewood media specialist, Terri Dreisonstok.

"'We're with Homeland Security,' and on and on they went, and pretty soon, before you know it, he's handcuffed and slammed against a car," Brinson said. "All the children are watching, they're all upset."

Nice. The age of the brownshirts looms upon us.


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