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Friday, November 07, 2008

Shame Watch

OK. So I know no one reads this blog, and I know that no one really cares what I think, but I am using this opportunity to vent my extreme frustration and anger at California voters. On Tuesday, Californians were given the opportunity to vote on several propositions. It now appears that Californians have voted to write discrimination INTO the California Constitution.

Proposition 8 was a very simple proposition – “Only a marriage between a man and a woman is legal or valid in California.” This is exactly the same language as Proposition 22, which in 2000 illegally modified California law to preclude same-sex unions (this language was ruled unconstitutional in the spring of 2008 by the California Supreme Court). So, less than six months after the California Supreme Court ruled that the laws that precluded same-sex couples from marrying was unconstitutional, a proposition to change the Constitution to allow discrimination against same-sex couples was approved by the voters.

Compared to the 11 other propositions on the ballot – one of which was 22 pages long in dense, six-point font – this one was so simple that the summary of the proposition was as short as the actual legal language. Proponents had deceptively wanted to call it the “California Marriage Protection Act”, but the California Attorney General re-wrote the title to more accurately reflect its content: “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Initiative Constitutional Amendment”. So there is really no doubt what Californians voted for. They voted to write discrimination INTO the fucking California Constitution.

Without hyperbole, no Proposition could be more vulgar or offensive or hateful. The Constitution is intended to protect the rights of all Californians, so writing discrimination INTO the Constitution is clearly an affront to both the letter and the spirit of the document.

Though the majority of votes for the proposition came from white Californians, I am deeply saddened by the role that other minorities played in the passage of Prop 8. Polling indicates that 71% of African Americans and more than 60% of Latinos voted for the proposition. Of all the people who might understand what discrimination really means, one would think African Americans and Hispanics would; these are the people who have been repeatedly marginalized and discriminated against by society. Yet African Americans and Hispanics turned out in droves to discriminate against a smaller minority. Does being a minority mean that it’s okay to pick on another minority??? SHAME ON YOU! Jesus.

Literally – Jesus. With respect to Prop 8, the role of churches – the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church – is truly atrocious. Together they funded most of the pro-Prop -8 ads. Over $35 million was contributed by the religious right to pay for misleading ads for Prop 8. Imagine what good $35 million could have been used for! Homeless people could have been given shelter, hungry people could have been fed... Instead, the $35 million was used to take a cheap shot at a vulnerable minority. SHAME ON YOU, MORMON AND CATHOLIC CHURCHES! When did Jesus ever condemn homosexuality??? Quite simply, religious people who voted for Prop 8 are a fraud and a pox upon society. Bigots and homophobes all. If there is a hell, I hope you rot/fry/decay in it with your petty hates for ever and ever, amen.

So, faced with a number of propositions, what did Californians do? A plurality of Californians demonstrated that they are bigots and assholes and voted to give rights and protections to chickens via Prop 2 and strip rights from gays and lesbians via Prop 8.


-John Locke


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