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The Watch is concerned about the increasing pressure towards feudalism in the United States from corporations, social regressives, warmongers, and the media. We also are concerned with future history concerning our current times, as non-truths which are “widely reported” become the basis for completely false narratives.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Chickenhawk Down

My apologies for the link yesterday about the Rush boycott. Apparently it had 24-hour linkrot, and then required an egregious registration process to access it. The gist was that some advertisers have already folded from the list of Rush's sponsors, and others were probably going to follow soon. The boycott was started most directly as a response to Rush calling war protesters "Anti-American".

Activism Watch

Thanks to Gary for this link to Working for Change. Under the "activism" link there you will find valuable links to look up contact information for your representatives. It is a good reminder that as easy as it is to complain about the current situation, and God knows it gets easier with each passing atrocity, real (non-silicon-based) activism can still change the world for the better.

Iraq Watch

This article from the Philadelphia Daily News hearkens back to the Atlanta article we saw a couple of days ago, but it is even more relevant to today and also more recent. It's good to know that this story seems to have some legs at least. Mail this one to some friends, it's important to know what the junta is up to.

Here's one from Mark Morford, who is way over the top today, and not mincing words.

Author Watch

I thought it was pretty bad when John Le Carre said that our country had collectively gone mad. But check out what Kurt Vonnegut has to say.

FuneralGate Watch

Here is an article which is a little more direct in discussing the possible perjury by the Pretzeldent in FuneralGate. Don't remember this from the campaign? Hmmmm. I wonder why. This seems pretty minor in contrast with the massive human rights and refugee problems we are about to unleash against the world, but it is good to know if someone starts going on about Clinton "lying under oath".

Bartcop Watch

One of the funniest, most partisan, double-barreled, no-holds-barred websites out there is Always good for a laugh, usually good for many great quotes and links to excellent articles. The man behind it started the website as an Anti-Rush Limbaugh site. Check out the back issues. There are several excellent rants archived there as well.

Dick Watch

Here is an old favorite about Cheney from that dearly departed daily, Suck. This exquisite article has some harsh words for W, Gore, and Lieberman as well, but the most poignant are about our VP; about what an armchair warrior he was in Desert Storm; about how Powell and Schwartzkopf had to keep him from implementing stupid military fantasies; about how his view of the military was shaped by Ken Burn's "Civil War"; about how he rhapsodizes about observing the gravestones in Arlington, but doesn't know what their actual shape is. The article is a tour de force. Please see "ChickenHawk Down".

Election Watch

Martin Sheen, who is not the President but plays one on TV, has endorsed Howard Dean. Dean seems to be one of the most exciting potential candidates in a long time, smart, charismatic, and humane, and he actually is pushing a progressive agenda. Imagine that in this day and age. Which means the media crucifixion of Howard Dean will begin soon and not let up until he is out of the race, either in the primaries or in the general election. See The Daily Howler archives at to see how it was done against Gore. In any case, keep an eye on Dean.

Environment Watch

Gary Trudeau hit one out of the park this Sunday.

Humor Watch

Atrios posted a link to this old article from The Onion today, which I remember enjoying very much when I first read it in early 2001. Reading it now, it seems like they had a crystal ball.

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