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The Watch is concerned about the increasing pressure towards feudalism in the United States from corporations, social regressives, warmongers, and the media. We also are concerned with future history concerning our current times, as non-truths which are “widely reported” become the basis for completely false narratives.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Anti-war commercials

Every once in a while you discover what a terrific force for good Christianity could be if its "message" wasn't always highjacked by the same lunatics and fanatics whom Christ was warning his fellow jews about 2,000 years ago. Last night I saw a 30-second commercial, featuring Janeane Garafolo and Bishop Melvin Talbert (a bishop from Bush's own united methodist church) speaking the truth. Apparently it has been on for a couple of weeks, but this is the first time I've seen it. I couldn't believe my ears - I was actually hearing the truth come out of my TV. It sounded so strange that it startled me. I realize it is only a small truthful drop in the offal-filled bucket of war hysteria which normally spills from the little box, but it was refreshing and bracing none the less. It showed pictures of innocent people the likes of which would be killed or maimed in our invasion, reminded viewers that Iraq has not done anything to the US, and then urged people to find another solution to our problems besides war. The only thing I thought was missing was the fact that neither Iraq nor any of its citizens were involved in 9/11, despite the lies and implications of the administration.

You can visit the online version of the commercial (requires QuickTime), and the home of the National Council of Churches, which co-sponsored the add. The NCC seems to be dedicated to building public policy around the actual teachings of Jesus; things like helping the poor, protecting the weak, feeding the hungry, establishing social justice - and averting war. Amazing! I'd forgotten that there were actually Christians like that. I found another amazing article where the head of the NCC responds to Bush's last state of the union with sanity. They are also distributing "America's problems won't be solved in Iraq" bumper stickers. Let's hope for some more Christianity like this. Also see their sister site Win Without War which lists a number of coalition groups all dedicated to fighting the war. It is nice to find that all of the American people haven't been propagandized/lobotomized, but of course anti-war sentiment is still hard to find on the TV.

Speaking of which, here is a story of another group trying to stop the war by way of advertising which they are paying for, but the TV channels are too chicken to air. Imagine this - that Fox and CNN, etc., won't air a commercial which advocates peace, even when it is paid for.

Today's other big news was that Hans Blix and most of the countries in the UN security council have come out against American aggression against Iraq. Blix himself noted the bogus nature of much of the evidence which Powell presented. It seems his credibility, along with that of the US on this matter, is pretty much shot in the international community. With any luck, this war will be the political end of Dim Son. This idea is echoed in an editorial in which David Ignatius equates Bush's obsession with Saddam to that of Captain Ahab and the white whale. If only the American people weren't being dragged along on this crazy Pequod-ride. Ignatius's advice for Bush? "He needs to take firm hold of his quadrant." Indeed!

If you feel an anti-war stance puts you at risk of being labeled a loon, here are 10 excellent Right-Wing complaints against the War in Iraq. You can use these arguments and still be considered a loon, just a right-wing loon, I suppose.

Right-Wing Loon Watch

Here's a little something funny - check out some of the warning signs for marijuana use in children included in this pamphlet put out by noted right-wing nutcase (and extremely powerful politician, naturally - the two seem to go hand in hand) Orrin Hatch: excessive preoccupation with social causes like race relations and environmental issues.

Real Patriot Watch

Today's MUST READ link is this speech by Robert Byrd, who sums up the case against this administration with eloquence and outrage, one of the only truly outspoken critics of this madness in the senate. If only we had 99 more like him.

Humor Watch

Above is the best use of that duct tape, but I'm sure you've thought of this already . . .

Take care, Happy Valentine's, and have a great weekend!

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