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The Watch is concerned about the increasing pressure towards feudalism in the United States from corporations, social regressives, warmongers, and the media. We also are concerned with future history concerning our current times, as non-truths which are “widely reported” become the basis for completely false narratives.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Democracy is coming to the USA

Activism Watch

Thanks to Melissa for this link, which in addition to containing thoughtful and thought-provoking quotes from entertainers against the war, mentions a Virtual March on Washington to take place on February 26th, next Wednesday. The article did not, of course (thanks conservative media!), link to the webpage which describes the actual event. They are asking that people call, fax, and email their representatives throughout the day on Wednesday. Please go to the site, and see what you can do. If Bush does plan to go forward, he can at least do it knowing he is not representing us. It's important that people in other countries, especially Muslims, understand that our foreign policy has been hijacked by a bunch of amateurs.

Thomas Friedman Watch

Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes has taken some interesting positions lately. Take this article,in which he scarily declares that World War III has already started, and then takes the Chinese to task for not being pro-America enough (and then threatens them with economic sanction unless they play ball with us - that's sure to warm their hearts). Friedman has clearly gone off the deep end, calling tirelessly for war and offering up any excuse he can think of, including promising some sort of wonderful democracy and freedom to take over in post-invasion Iraq. I'm sure this is the case, as we have a long history of setting up marvelous governments in countries after we topple their leadership - Pinochet in Chile, the Shaw in Iran, Mobutu in the Congo, the Samozas in Nicaragua. Hey, if the Iraqis can have democracy and freedom, how about getting a little bit of it here in America? Here is a response to this article from Charles Dodgson.

Then, just three days later, after all of those countries around the world spend nearly a week denouncing the US leadership and their rush to war and the pitiful supporting "evidence" which we have presented, Friedman finally wakes up to the horrible job our administration is doing in selling the war. And he starts to reprimand our little tin dictator. After you read that, please go read Digby's response to Friedman. Here's an excerpt:

You might as well be asking them to stop hating Bill Clinton. This is who they are. If you had bothered to read the pre-2000 writings of this foreign policy team or had torn your eyes from the comic book hagiography that grew up around Junior after 9/1, you would have realized that it was a big mistake to support this administration in anything but a laser-like focus on terrorism and the economy. Such things as huge changes in international law (like adoption of a doctrine of preventive war) should have been tabled until an administration with a competent leader and a democratic mandate from the people assumed power.

Was it good for you, too?

Leaving Everyone Behind Watch

Here is a very interesting article on Bush's "Leave No Child Behind" public school testing scheme, which I found via the Daily Howler. It seems that, the way the plan is set up, that nearly all public schools will be labeled as "needing improvement", even those which fluctuate around a very high average for performance. It seems this is just a very convoluted way to stamp every public school as "needing improvement", which I guess fits in very well with conservative plans to destroy the public school system all together. The philosophy seems to be that only people who can pay to have their kids educated should be able to send their kids - anything else is socialism, that most evil of sins. Also, how can we be assured that only those with wealth and power now retain that wealth and power, if we are going to be giving away free educations to all of our citizens? Bush's plan also represents a huge intrusion into state control over schools by the federal government (usually a no-no with the conservative crowd). and also contains a huge bolus of unfunded mandates for schools. But wait, Republicans hate unfunded mandates. Don't they? Don't they? Ah, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Frog Bashing Watch

You've all probably heard about those rotten scoundrels, the French. What cowards they are, what horrible allies, what appeasers. Yes, French-bashing is in the air, ladies and gentlemen. Please see the wonderful Molly Ivin's response.

President Frathouse Watch

Presidential buttkisser (and winner of the 2001 Media Whores Online Whore-of-the-Year crown) Howard Fineman has explained the Presidunce won't be swayed by all of those silly activists marching last weekend because they remind him of those crazy hippies from his college days. Read TBogg's response to this wonder of governance.

Humor Watch

Also from TBogg, check out some proposed catch phrases for the Office of Vaterland Security's "Ready Campaign".

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