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The Watch is concerned about the increasing pressure towards feudalism in the United States from corporations, social regressives, warmongers, and the media. We also are concerned with future history concerning our current times, as non-truths which are “widely reported” become the basis for completely false narratives.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Call for action

There is so little this Congress is capable of. A full investigation into the criminal activity that Bush has already admitted publicly has been blocked in a committee full of Republicans (Snowe, Hagel) who were calling loudly for an investigation just weeks before. What kind of a mafia has this country become?

With no investigation, Russ Feingold is introducing a motion to censure these criminal acts today at 4pm. See these posts at FireDogLake for action you can take to support Feingold's apparently brave act. I say it is apparently brave because just doing what is nominally your job in Washington these days, like preventing a president from acting like a king, is apparently beyond the bravery of even a US senator.

I called my senators, both cowardly Democrats, and was unsurprised that neither had "formulated a position" on Feingold's resolution yet. Funny how I'm a scientist with a crazy busy schedule, and somehow I had time to "formulate a position" on what their own colleague and party member was doing. It's not a secret. But their knees are knocking at even the thought of slapping Bush's fingers.

These are dark days for our system of government. To lighten the mood, check out the nominees for Most Humorous Post at the Koufax awards. Also, just see the entire Keyboard Kommandos series at the Poorman. Laughter may be our only hope.


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