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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hypocrite Watch

Hypocrite Watch I

Last week, President Bush (the Second) had the strength and conviction to stand up to all the Hispanic immigrants in the US and declare that he finds the idea of singing the National Anthem in Spanish inappropriate.

“I think the national anthem ought to be sung in English…” Bush declared.

Wow. That was a coherent, well put-together thought! Too bad it’s not true. Turns out that at a number of fund raising and campaign events leading up to the 2000 election, Bush -- pretending to be a “compassionate conservative” (whatever that is) and trying to scare up a few Hispanic votes -- appeared at a number of Hispanic events where the National Anthem was sung in Spanish. He never seemed to take issue with it -- particularly when he was trying to win votes and collect money.

So Bush wins the Hypocrite Award for the week. Way to go!

Bush also wins the Intolerant, Uncompassionate, Unconservative Award for the week as well. Why?

Because heaven forbid that an illegal immigrant who risked his or her life to cross the border be allowed to sing the National Anthem in their native tongue! Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? It’s freakin’ hard, even when you are in high school. When you are an adult, it’s almost impossible. So I hardly think Bush’s comments were appropriate, given that Bush himself can’t speak a foreign language. Furthermore, the fact that any immigrant wants to sing the National Anthem is incredible at this point. After the furor caused by the Republicans over the immigration bill, no immigrant could watch that hateful fracas and not be upset about the uncompassionate unconservatives who are currently running all three branches of government into the ground!

Remember that Republicans like immigrants because immigrants will do any menial or hard labor task for pennies on the dollar compared to what us Caucasians would charge. (It also helps if there are a lot of illegal immigrants, because they have no legal protections, so US citizens can take advantage of them.) On the other hand, Republicans dislike immigrants because immigrants are different; they speak a language other than English; and they tend to vote Democratic. Probably the last dislike is the most important, though I bet there are a number of Republicans who really dislike immigrants just because of their skin color. So it really is a huge political issue. Realistically, we just can’t deport the ~12 million people who are in this country illegally. From a merely logistical standpoint, how could you imprison and then deport that many people? The US already incarcerates 2 million people -- more than any other country IN THE WORLD. How could you take that prison population and double or triple it as we deport all these people??

From a humanistic standpoint, how could you uproot all those people -- who have sweated and slaved (in some cases almost literally) for extremely low wages, providing us with low-cost food and amenities -- and just dump them in another country where they have no job and nowhere to live??? I know the Republicans don’t like humanistic questions, but how could you do that?

Anyway, so Bush wins both the Hypocrite Award and the Intolerant, Uncompassionate, Unconservative Award for the week. Way to go!

Hypocrite Watch II

Runner-up and a close second for the Hypocrite Award this week was Mary Cheney, the daughter of Beelzebub himself -- Vice President and Chief Dictator Dick Cheney. You see, Mary is a lesbian. And yet she campaigned for President Bush, who vocally supports making same-sex marriage illegal in all 50 states -- so much so that Bush is willing to indelibly inscribe this hateful message into the most sacred document in US history -- the US Constitution…

Ms. Cheney reported that she was so upset about Bush’s position on same-sex marriage that she did not attend the 2004 State of The Union address because of Bush’s views. Wow. Very very upset. Yet not so upset that she didn’t stop campaigning for Bush. Yet not so upset that she would speak out against Bush (or even Bush’s position) until long after the disastrous election. Yet not so upset that she would vote against this dishonest and immoral puppet. Yet not so upset that she would publicly denounce the president for what he truly is -- a petty, hateful person with a penchant for torture in the name of his God. And yet not so upset that she would write a book about her life and make money…

Sigh. So close, but yet so far. Ms. Cheney came close, but Bush edged her out for the Award -- primarily because I don’t know Ms. Cheney and I don’t have any way to judge what kind of person she really is. It must have taken quite a bit of courage to come out to someone as intolerant as Dick Cheney, yet Ms. Cheney did that, so maybe she isn’t all bad… Hopefully, evil isn’t genetically inherited. Anyway, Ms. Cheney is runner-up for the Hypocrite Award. Way to almost go!

-John Locke


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