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The Watch is concerned about the increasing pressure towards feudalism in the United States from corporations, social regressives, warmongers, and the media. We also are concerned with future history concerning our current times, as non-truths which are “widely reported” become the basis for completely false narratives.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Limit to Malpractice Lawsuits

Regarding the new house bill that limits medical malpratice awards to $250,000:

U.S. House backs limits on malpractice suits
By Joanne Kenen 45 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives on Thursday approved medical malpractice legislation that would limit awards in lawsuits for pain and suffering to $250,000.

I can honestly say that if a doctor amputated the wrong leg, or if a doctor caused me any permanent disfigurement or disability due to incompetence (say he or she was drinking at the time or was not qualified to perform the procedure...) that $250,000 would be nowhere near enough. Maybe Congress thinks that $250,000 is a lot of money and it's somehow like winning the jackpot, but they are all a bunch of f#ckers to me. And where in this bill is a guarantee that my medical bills are going to go down??? I guarantee that they won't.

-John Locke


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