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Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear Governator: Same Sex Marriage

This is a letter I sent to Governor Schwarzenegger today:

Re: AB849: Gender-Neutral Marriage

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

This letter is to formally ask you to reverse your decision to veto Assembly Bill #849.

Referring to the hateful Proposition 22, your press secretary stated,

Five years ago the matter of same-sex marriage was placed before the people of California. The people voted and the issue is now before the courts… We cannot have a system where the people vote and the Legislature derails that vote. Out of respect for the will of the people, the Governor will veto AB 849”.
This statement is both false and misleading. Actually, Prop 22 was marketed to Californians as a way to prevent judges in other states from redefining marriage in ways that might conflict with the definition chosen by Californians. Please refer to the following two quotes from the year 2000 that illustrate this point:
1) Summary of Arguments FOR Proposition 22:
“Proposition 22 gives Californians the opportunity to protect marriage between a man and a woman, without interference from judges in other states trying to change that definition and force us to recognize ‘same-sex marriages.’ 30 states already protect marriage. Now California can too. Our State. Our Choice. Yes on 22”

2) “We have run a positive, respectful, tolerant campaign that does not take away anyone's rights,” said Robert Glazier, communications director for Yes On 22. “We believe there is a loophole in California law that needs to be closed.”

That loophole, Glazier said Friday, might allow ‘activist judges’ in other states to affect the social fabric of California. “If we're going to redefine marriage in this state, that's fine. But it should be done in California, by Californians.”

Californians were told that they were voting on a proposition that would preclude judges in other states from redefining marriage, and that is what people ultimately voted for. Consequently, if you believe that Californians were actually voting on precluding judges in other states from redefining marriage, then the vote on Proposition 22 should not play any role in your decision regarding AB849.

Conversely, if you believe that Proposition 22 has been used as an excuse to preclude same-sex marriage in California, then Californians were lied to by the proponents of Proposition 22, and you should sign AB849 to correct a grievous wrong. The fact that Proposition 22 has been used in attempts to strip civil rights from gays and lesbians – also in direct conflict with the claimed purpose of Proposition 22 – should confirm the malevolent nature of the proponents of Proposition 22 as well as the proposition itself.

A recent survey shows that support for same-sex marriage in California is now at 46 percent; the exact same percentage of people who hate gays and lesbians and believe it is right to discriminate against them. The rights of a minority should never be dictated by the majority. The State Senate and the State Assembly have had the courage to approve AB849 and send it to your desk. Governor, you have been given the opportunity to make a stand against discrimination and oppression. A true leader is someone who is not afraid to take a stance on a difficult issue, even if the morally correct stance is unpopular. History will judge you by your response.

I am not a leader, but I know a wrong when I see one. Gays and lesbians have been discriminated against for an unconscionably long time. Please reconsider your decision and sign AB849; anything less is simply not forgivable.


John Locke


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